Amity School of Communication has established Centre for Detection of Fake News and Disinformation at Amity University Madhya Pradesh. This Centre remains updated with regard to technology for Detection of Fake news/videos/audios/pictures on social media/print/ electronic media. It also liaises with agencies like Google News Initiative, Poynter with know-how and methodology for Detection of Fake News. The Centre mainly trains the faculties and students of AUMP in general, and students of ASCO in particular with regard to technology associated with the subject. It also gives training and consultancy to various Government/Educational institutes of Madhya Pradesh.

The Center basically focuses on the following points:

1. Open Source Verification of facts

2. Media Literacy

3. Critical Thinking

4. Tools of Advanced Verification of Photos

5. Advanced Geolocation through various techniques

6. Coding for Non-Coders

7. How to catch Deep Fakes

8. Online Live Threat Simulation

9. Advance Mapping techniques

10. Digital Security and Safety

11. User Testing

12. Website Management

13. Fighting Misinformation

14. University-Newsroom Partnerships

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