Commitment to Non-Partisanship and Fairness

We constantly follow social media platforms for suspicious posts, misinformation or fake claims. Our selection process is based on a variety of factors, including the quantity or degree of claimed evidence within the reporting, the potential relevance of the article in shaping the public discussion, and the size of the source’s existing reach.

Our sources for topics include claims made by and about politicians, celebrities, famous personalities, and influencers; propaganda, provocative messages and/or hashtags.

Transparency explains the news article with details and how the claim was debunked or confirmed. We desire that our readers be able to verify the findings themselves. provides all sources in enough detail so that readers can replicate our work, except in cases where a source’s personal security could be compromised. For such cases, provides as many details as possible and tries to bring details from multiple sources so that the readers can verify each finding.

Transparency of Funding & Organisation is an independent fact-checking initiative under Amity School of Communication, Amity University Gwalior with its own specialist team.

Transparency of Methodology is committed to explaining the methodology, which we use to debunk fake news or fake claims. From selecting to publishing, we provide all the details for our readers to encourage them to send claims to fact check and to make them understand how we do a fact-check.

Transparent Corrections Policy

We accept the fact that in this world of social media, news stories or information keeps on changing, as a result, stories need to be updated constantly. In case of an error from our side, we are quick in acknowledging and correcting the same. We ensure that our readers are presented with the corrected version of the story as soon as possible and transparently we repeat the process and present our findings.

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