Nita Ambani’s statement on the Kangana-BMC Controversy

Various Facebook posts have been going around social media, claiming that the Ambani family has come forward offering 200 Cr to rebuild Kangana Ranaut’s office…

Schools to reopen from 21st September?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. are turning into hubs of fake posts and rumors.

An old image of a road dug up and filled with sewage water is in circulation on social media with the claim that it is from Varanasi.

An old image of a road dug up and filled with sewage water is in circulation on social media with the claim that it is from Varanasi.

vacancies in the railways? Not quite true. Fake Recruitment Advertisement fools job seekers.

An advertisement seeking 5285 posts in the Indian Railways is taking rounds on the internet, after the Indian Railways issued a clarification for the advertisement and termed it fake.

Fake ‘Public Special Defence Personnel Forum’ advertisement: No such organisation exists.

A fake advertisement has been doing the rounds on social media with a claim that over 500 vacancies are available in “Office of the Special Defence Personnel Forum

Trying to hit Kejriwal with sarcasm, turns out they didn’t do their research

A four-year-old picture of a flooded street from Punjab is being circulated with a false claim that it’s of Delhi.

Organ Trafficking or a Cremation? – fake news spreading like fire amid COVID-19

A number of pictures are being circulated on the internet showing a scenario which looks like a cremation in an electric crematorium, accompanied by a claim that the pictures are of an organ trafficking racket that is running during the COVID-19 pandemic, in Maharashtra.

Fake pictures of flooded COVID-19 hospital in Bihar

Pictures of flooded hospital wards are going viral on social media, with a claim that they are COVID-19 hospital wards in Bihar

Indian spying quadcopter

An old image of an allegedly ‘Indian spying quadcopter’ is being shared on social media claiming that an Indian spying quadcopter that had entered Nepal was shot down by the Nepali Army this month

Video of Amitabh Bachan from Nanavati Hospital

A video of actor Amitabh Bachchan acknowledging and appreciating the doctors and staff of Dr.Balabhai Nanavati Hospital is being extensively circulated on various social media platforms and being shared by numerous news institutions

A Triggerfish picture that triggered the internet

A picture from Malaysia of a triggerfish has been all over the internet since the past few days, ever since a Twitter user by the name of RaffNasir tweeted it, where the fish is seen having human-like plump lips and teeth.

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